Black Friday Prepping... My ASOS Hit List

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The key to Black Friday is to always be prepared (The girl scouts were SO on point) - In an effort to have a relaxed online shopping experience (and to avoid the dreaded sell-out!) I like to pick out the items I'm most excited about ahead of time. That way, as soon as the clock strikes midnight I'm ready to checkout with a glass of wine :)

Here's what il be putting in my basket this year... and don't forget to come back to the blog on Thursday -  because i'll have all of the black Friday links and sneaky codes that you need, right here in an organised list! You can thank me later...

My very first port of call is always ASOS - this year I have my eye on a pair of rose gold GHD's (Cause Im #basic) and this pretty double layered Jumper/Shirt combo by Starry Eyed. Its technically in the 'tall' section and at 5'3 I can't exactly say I am tall BUT, it helps cover the dreaded 'bum-visable-to-all-when-wearing-leggings' problemo, so I'm good with that. I'm going skiing in January, so I'm kind of obsessing over these Moschino Snow Boots. They scream Alex Curran circa 2010, but I'm strangely attracted to that... 

>Rose Gold GHD Set< | >Starry Eyed Embellished Jumper & Shirt< | >Moschino Snow Boots<

I freaking LOVE me a double pom pom. This hat will be good for daily winter wear and skiing alike, and I can't wait to channel micky mouse winter 2016. Its also available in black, and its very much like a Stella Mcartney version i'd had my eye on...

Another pointless item I'm loving are these cute marble-esque notebooks to feed my stationary addiction and hopefully help me plan some blogging in 2017 - cause y'all know I'm nothing if I'm not sporadic. (Im working on that!) I tend to buy things like this and write absolutely nothing in them...but you can't deny they'd look pretty on your desk.

Daisy Street Taupe Heeled Over The Knee Boots.... LOVE! Want to wear these with a knitted dress and make OAP's wonder if I forgot to put on my trousers...

 <Double Pom Pom Beanie<<OHH DEER Note Books> | >Daisy Street Over The Knee Boots<

These Premium Silk PJ'S remind me of something you see in Selfridges before you throw up a little at the price tag - but these are at a rather affordable price. I think they look super luxe and super comfy and I want to be in them immediately (Its pretty cold where I'm writing this post....) 

Im not really into the tracksuit trend - probably because I can remember the days of Juicy Couture being all that I wore (Tucked into UGGs, with a Von Dutch cap no less...)  but as a superfan of WildFox I can get behind this one. I think it would be perfect for all the traveling that I do, and I adore the lace up hoodie. Wildfox is always SO soft and dreamy, and lasts a really long time.

The piece I want the most is ***OF COURSE*** the piece that has sold out - ( keep checking HERE! and tweet me @mimiflys if it comes back into stock!)  There's nothing I want more than a hoodie with a unicorns horn on its hood. Pure genius. I love wearing pieces that I could have legitimately worn when I was 10. 

>Premium Floral Satin Kimono PJ's< | >WildFox Baggy Sweat Pants< | >WildFox Unicorn Hoodie<

So thats what I'm hoping to put in my basket this Black Friday weekend. Stay tuned this week as I will be posting the ultimate guide to EVERY Black Friday code that you need for successful shopping. And don't forget - there are app's put there like ShopTagr (You can read my previous review of it Here) that you can use to save the items you want to buy ahead of time and then check out as soon as they go on sale.

What will you be buying this Black Friday / Cyber Monday? - Let me know in the comments!


- Links to All Products - 

Rose Gold GHD Set | Starry Eyed Embellished Jumper & Shirt | Moschino Snow Boots | Double Pom Pom Beanie OHH DEER Note Books | Daisy Street Over The Knee Boots | Premium Floral Satin Kimono PJ's | WildFox Baggy Sweat Pants | WildFox Unicorn Hoodie

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