Starting the 14 day weight loss challenge with NutriBuddy!

Friday, 28 October 2016

Summer is over, and so are the array of social events and all-inclusive holidays which seem to always get in the way of my healthy eating (excuses, excuses!) On the run up to Christmas, I like to set myself a challenge of getting fit and loosing some weight - mostly to allow for a couple extra mince pies and a few glasses of snowball's, but thats unimportant..!

When NutriBuddy got in touch and asked if I wanted to try out their programme for 14 days, I jumped at the chance. That's exactly what I needed and it was perfect timing to discover them.

NutriBuddy's goal is to get you to 'Loose Weight, Tone up, And Feel Amazing' - which isn't something to be sniffed at. Depending on your weight loss goals, you can choose from a 7 day kit (£24.99), a 14 day kit (£34.99) or a 60 day kit (£62.99). All can be bought directly from their website here and in my experience the shipping was super quick.

 Im trailing the 14 day kit, and I'm hoping to loose at least half a stone. Il be sharing some before and after pictures (eeeek!) and documenting my progress as I go along.

So hey Mr Postman - what's in the box?

In my 14 day parcel I received one packet of Sculpting Whey, a low calorie weight loss shake. You can choose from chocolate or vanilla. (I chose chocolate, obvs.)

Hunger Fix capsules, which claim to be a powerful appetite suppressant. 

Multivitamins, a healthy blend of multi-vits.

A shaker bottle. You could choose Black or Red, I chose Black. 

A Weight Loss Book, and a Recipe book.

*Over-ripe bananas not included ;-)

- First Impressions -

Overall, I'm impressed with how the programme looks, but the proof will be in the pudding (or the shake, so it seems.) I was surprised to find that both the weight loss book and the recipe book are actually full of really lovely looking ideas, I was expecting it to be more of a leaflet - but it really seems like a useful part of the kit. I'm especially looking forward to using the whey protein in one of their delicious looking smoothie recipes. 

Im wary of the appetite suppressants, but il give them a good go. I love that Multi-Vitamins are included as part of the programme, as I think this is something that other lifestyle and fitness companies overlook. I think that the shaker bottle seems to be of a high quality, and I like the subtle logo and the option of choosing a colour.

All in all, I think that this seems like the perfect kit to really kick start a weight loss program, and I'm looking forward to using it for the next 14 days...

If you want to join me on this challenge and be my NutriBuddy Buddy, then head over to the NutriBuddy Site and join in!

Il update you with my progress, and let you know how I'm getting along with shakes and the capsules. 

Until then... (wish me luck!)

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