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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Recently I found myself in somewhat of a hair rut. My best friend and partner in long-hair crime had recently cut her hair into a cute Rosie Huntington Whiteley style lob. Suddenly my long hair that once felt glamorous appeared limp and styleless next to hers! Ive scrutinised photos of us together, her hair looking bouncy and effortless, my hair hanging like a pair of drab curtains. I never thought id say it, but I've got short hair envy. And Ive got it bad.

This led me on the search for a trust worthy hair salon in London, somewhere I can update my locks without the fear of scissor happy stylists turning me into a boy. I wanted to be able to look at reviews, see prices and salon recommendations without traipsing around the streets of London. On my search, I came across an amazing new website that makes finding a salon an absolute doddle, and I thought id share it with you. Its called Book Your Lifestyle.

Book Your Lifestyle basically compiles a list of London Salons and Spa's, in an easy to navigate way so that your next beauty appointment is at your fingertips. I love how I can search by postcode or area - for example to find a salon near to me I simply search for kensington hair salons...

This brings up a list of all of the Book Your Lifestyle approved hair salons in Kensington, I can then scroll through - check out pics and prices - and then book my appointment straight from the site. I can even pay online, and save myself the hassle on the day of my appointment. 

I love how its a great way of finding hidden gems. Its full of hair and beauty salons that you might not otherwise know existed, and you can have it all booked and paid for within seconds. 

Lastly its worth mentioning that in true Mimi style, I chickened out of having the chop pretty quickly.  I ended up having my usual trim, and trying out some new Balayage highlights in anticipation of spring (Yes, i know its only January!)  Im now addicted to Book your lifestyle, and I'm spending far too many hours a day browsing the website for my old flame - hair extensions... 

Im always going to be a Rapunzel at heart! 

You can find appointments in your area by visiting the book your lifestyle website here... Trust me, Its a game changer! 



  1. It definitely does sound like a game changer. I've just cut all my hair off and honestly it was the best decision I've ever made! x

    Jodie // Jodie Loue

    1. Oh my goodness - your giving me hair envy! Is it fab?! Thanks for stopping by! :)


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