A winter fashion wish list...and a cautionary tale of wet feet!

Monday, 30 November 2015

Its actually hard to find me these days without a polo neck on. I sometimes feel I look a bit like someones dad - but I have to say, I rather like it.

 I was recently waiting for a bus in the rain, without a hood - without an umbrella AND with open toed pumps on. The bus finally came and on I hopped, looking like id survived the Titanic - before realising that my shoe had fallen off my soaking wet foot. After embarrassingly disembarking, retrieving said shoe, and boarding again - burying my head in the metro in sheer shame - I realised it was finally time to embrace winter 2015 and go boot shopping. Just as soon as I got home and blowdried my toes.

Embarrassing story aside, theres something about winter clothes shopping that just excites me so much more than the summer equivalent. Turtle necks, warm fuzzy slippers, faux fur everything. Whats not to love? It may not be as sexy as summer time, but I sure am more comfy. There is also more room for pudding. And i have a shoe on both of my feet. Win. Win. Win.

Here is my winter wonder wishlist, a collection of fashion (all from the high-street!) that I think may just warm up our winters and make everything in life seem better. Even waiting for the bus...

1 - Asos A-line structured knit dress with ladder stitch detail - £45 
I think this dress is amazing for such a low price, it reminds me of a designer piece and even though its a winter white, it will look good right through to spring.

2 - Warehouse Ribbed Knit Polo Jumper (berry) - £35
I love berry shades in autumn. I also love polo necks, incase I haven't already mentioned. And by tucking it into a metallic skirt, theres no fear of looking like a dad.

3 - Metallic fold over clutch bag asos - £18 
Still obsessing over rose gold anything. I love this fold over clutch for the party season.

4 - Boohoo metallic turtle neck jumper (rust) - £15
Did I mention I love polo necks?

5 - Oasis Drape faux shearling sleeveless jacket - £42
How gorge is this nude shearling jacket. Worn over a long sleeve top to keep the arms warm. Very Kim K.

6 - Ciate London Olivia Palermo satin kiss lipstick collection - $60 (sephora exclusive)
Olivia Palermo can do no wrong, and these are the perfect berry shades. Sephora have free delivery at the moment so fill your boots.

7 - River Island scoop pom pom leather glove - £25
There seem to be pom poms on everything at the moment. Hanging off bags, on shoes, and now on gloves. So cute!!!

8 - Adolescent clothing christmas jumper - £25
Im always afraid of truly 'Christmas' jumpers, so this is a perfect compromise. Better than a mince pie diet by far.

So there you have it. A mini wish list of winter loveliness.  

What have you been loving so far this winter? 

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