5 false eyelash hacks for applying falsies like a pro...

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Recently I've become a little bit high maintainence in the eyelash department. I've been amazed at how a couple of simple individual extensions can uplift and elongate my little round eyes. This started as a Sunday evening experiment (when I had plenty of time on my hands) and has since spriralled out of control. Flash forward a week, and I'm manically applying them on a Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday morning, no matter how little time I may have on my hands. I'm doing it every bloody day. And I love it.

This got me to thinking. Just why do some people pull of a bit of everyday drama in the eye department, while others fail terribly and end up looking like a drag queen? The trick is to look like you naturally have full/curly/lengthy lashes - depending on your taste - and not to like your wearing falsies. Feeling like somewhat of an eyelash guru, I decided to compile 5 steps to perfect false eyelashes.

1/ Always Cut or trim to size. As much as I love an Ardel lash (picked up in the supermarket whilst buying chicken for dinner) they certainly aren't custom made for my particular eye length/shape. Or yours. Or your friends. Or your mums. They are made to fit an average 'eye size' and that goes for any brand, no matter the price. That's why, if using the full strip lash, your probably going to end up with overhang on the inner corner, or one droopy eye - or both (the shame!) The ends will start to rebel and peel off, and that's never a good look. The way to combat this? Simply cut to size. I personally cut each lash into four, and one portion is enough to add definition to the outer eye. If your feeling super glam and you want the whole lash line covered, you can still apply these tiny portions but across your lashline - moving with your eyeshape rather than trying to bend the lash to fit - and thus looking a whole lot more natural. If this isn't currently a step in your falsie routine, this will revolutionise your life* Possibly an outlandish claim.

2/ Always remove and store properly. My pet hate is people who clearly haven't taken their eyelashes off from the night before. Just because that lash glue claims a 24 hour hold, it doesn't mean you have to test it out. There's nothing worse than doing the eyelash equivelant of the walk of shame. Instead, remove your falsies with the rest of your make up, and keep your new best friends in a suitable hygienic container. Make sure your remover doesn't contain oil, as this oil will stick to the lash band and make them impossible to stick at a later date. Lashes are usually re-useable, at least for a couple of times, and this greatly reduces your new found expensive eye habit. ;-)

3/ Find your shape. The world of false eyelashes is suprisingly a vast one. Who woulddathunkit. There will be certain shapes that suit your face, and others than will work against your features. Personally I look best with an accent, something flared at the outer corner and whispie. Any definition in my inner or middle eye line makes my eyes look an odd shape. If you have large almond shaped eyes, you could perhaps pull of a full lash with the length concentrated in the middle, rather than the corner. Once you find your style (mines Ardel Demies 120's) play around with them and find different ways to use them. For example, for an evening look I will double up my 120's, rather than trying to find a different more dramatic lash. If it's not broke, don't fix it. Know what suits you.

4/ Test out different brands. Probably the most obvious of my tips, but some brands may capture your heart more than others. For highstreet brands, I recommend Ardel or Kiss, which have tapered ends like a natural lash rather than flat plasticy looking ones. For high end, I can't get enough of Shu Uemura and Illamasqua, and Mac do pretty good range too. Once you've found your soul mate, hunt down the best price and fill up your bathroom cabinet. Everybody needs a back-up or two in their lives.

5/ Use the right glue. If your struggling getting to grips with application, it's probably more to do with your glue rather than your method. I prefer DollyWink glue, but it's only available in Asia so I stock up when I visit Hong Kong. My second favourite, and much easier to hunt down is Duo lash adhesive. Try to find a black glue rather than white to get the most natural lash blending. A rubber based glue will also make for a resistant and flexible hold, but easy removal. Wait at least 30 seconds between applying the glue and attempting to apply the lash, as you'll need the glue to be tacky to properly set.

I hope you enjoyed these tips, and if you have any for me I'd love to hear them! What's your favourite style?



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