BlogRoll #2 - my favourite lifestyle reads

Monday, 2 February 2015


Last week I posted my favourite beauty blogs to a very warm reception, and so this week the spot light is on my top lifestyle picks. I personally love the diversity of lifestyle blogs...Perhaps your looking for interior and home inspiration, beautiful photography or fun DIY projects. Here are my top 4 blogs that cover it all - and do it really well too!

Milk Bubble Tea

I adore milk bubble tea, her photos are unique and are as instantly recognisable as cute sausage dog Oscar. It's a great lifestyle blog full of shabby chic interiors and girly finds, and I love scrolling through the pretty images when I have a spare few minutes. There's also a good selection of photography tips, which I found helpful for both my Instagram and my own blog. I think the blog is branded beautifully and written so well, and Becky comes across as really genuine and down to earth. Lovely. Cuteness. overload :)

Lauren Conrad

I literally want Lauren Conrad's life, but who doesn't? I was pretty obsessed with her in the Laguna beach days, followed by The Hills (I miss The Hills!!) and now her brilliantly put together lifestyle blog gives me the Californian fix I need. With great guest writers, a huge mixture of lifestyle/beauty/fashion and travel plus a simple and elegant layout, I've literally read it all from the very start and I suggest you do too!

A pair and a spare

A pair and a spare is a true lifestyle blog full of a little bit of everything, from travel to style to inspiration, but what I like best is the DIY projects. Fancy creating your own wanderlust inspired luggage tags? Look no further. How about a personalised travel journal? You'll find it here. I personally love the 'no sew blanket cape' fashion project, partly because I can't sew... mostly because I want the RosieHW Monogrammed Burberry one and can't afford it. Go visit this blog now and I defy you to not be inspired. Go on then! (you can come back to me later!)

The Londoner

The Londoner is a fabulous British lifestyle blog written by fellow Londoner Rosie. I love how each post reads like a story, and the photography is inspiring and beautifully captured. I often find myself reading about places I've recently been to or are planning on visiting - so I always find it very relevant to my own lifestyle (maybe just a tad more glamourous!) Having a scroll though is a must if your planning a weekend in a London, or are perhaps a fellow londoner yourself and looking for new experiences. I find the categorised section of resteraunts and bars very handy - your bound to find some London living inspo here. Beware, You'll probably come away from this blog with a full helping of outfit envy and a side of FOMO... You have been warned!

I hope you enjoyed my lifestyle picks, it's hard narrowing it down to just 4! I'm going to visit continue this series each Monday (as an extra between regular posts) and next week will be focused on fashion.

Know of a lifestyle blog you think I'd enjoy? Please let me know in the comments :) I love a new read and I'm sure there are many out there I'm yet to discover!



  1. thank you lovely, your blog is gorgeous and so are you! x

  2. Love this post hun! I can't wait to check out these blogs they sound so inspiring :) xxx


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