Who the hell is Mimi Flys - An introduction to my blog

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Hi, I'm Mimi.

When I first started writing this blog post (and after a little google research, naturally) I found out that it was absolutely critical my introduction be witty, engaging, welcoming, informative about myself - whilst not appearing self obsessed, not to be too long, nor or too short... The list of do's and dont's went on. And on. And on.

Oh crap.

So...... a little disclaimer is needed here - i can't promise this will be my wittiest post, it is my first after all - but I can promise to introduce myself and my blog in the least snooze inducing way possible, and hopefully by the end of it you'll click the 'follow me' button, and we should all live happily ever after here on the internet . Fingers crossed.

So, about me ? Il start with the basics. My name is Mimi. Im 27 years old, I live in London and I work as a flight attendant for a long haul airline. I love travel, beauty and anything shiny, so hopefully my blog will reflect that. I've been an avid beauty blog/vlog follower for more time than I wish to remember, and since the very beginning I've always day dreamed about having my own place on the internet. After a quick youtube video attempt - self recorded in my bedroom with a lamp as a spotlight (and an even quicker removal of said video from YouTube - cringe!) I decided that a blog, rather than a vlog might be the best way forward.

That's when MimiFlys was born.

I'm intending to focus on beauty related posts, as that's what I love. My job as a flight attendant also means that I'm fortunate enough to shop travel around the world, so expect lots of world-wide hauls and travel and lifestyle guides. If anybody knows how to shop internationally, it's me. I count being able to fill my home with the scent of an obscene amount of bath and body works candles, practically doing my weekly shop in Target, and getting my hands on a Mac lipstick for 15 dollars, all part of the job. That, and the much more fulfilling, deeper side of travel - obviously.

So if you fancy following me, even if only to stop me feeling like I'm talking to myself right now, please do :) There's a button on the right to follow me via blog loving, or you could sign up with e-mail. I'm hoping to post once or twice per week, that's the aim. Thanks for reading! See you on the other side!





  1. What an amazing job you have! Cannot wait to read your future posts, bet you have lots of amazing travelling stories + find lots of lovely beauty goodies all over the globe! :)

    L xo

    1. Thank you for the love! So glad your enjoying the blog so far :) x

  2. Love your umbrella picture above, has this SATC feeling to it. Hope to discover some foreign gems through following you.

  3. That photo was taken on a very rainy day at Portobello market - so the umbrella was well and truly essential :) thank you for following and glad your enjoying the blog so far! Mimi xx

  4. LOVE your header image! Your job sounds great, I can't wait to see what beauty products you pick up on your travels. Excited to read more of your posts :) xx

  5. Being a flight attendant sounds so glamourous and an amazing way to see the world. Although I guess it could be a little tiring coming and going all over the place. I love how you said you love to shop/travel the world. I love seeing hauls from other countries. I used to live in london and did for 9 years. I really miss it even if it got on my nerves a bit.


  6. An excellent introduction, my original one was not this well written! x


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